Federal Workers’ Compensation

How to File a Federal Workers’
Compensation Claim

How to file your claim

The first thing you will need to do is complete the form CA-1, “Federal Employee’s Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation” or form CA-2 “Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation”.

A traumatic injury is an injury that occurred during one particular work shift, like falling down the stairs. An occupational disease is a medical condition that has developed over time due to work activities performed over multiple work shifts.

If you need to file the form CA-2 for an occupational disease, you should also review the form CA-35 “Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease”. This checklist will help you know what documentation you’ll need to submit, depending on the occupational disease.

If you’re still current employed by Federal government, you will need to submit the requested documentation to the Federal agency you work for. Make sure you keep a copy of everything you submit for your own records. Your agency will complete their portion of the CA-1 or CA-2 form and then submit the entire packet to your OWCP district office.

At this point, the district office will establish a claim number for your claim and then will review the documentation submitted to determine if there is sufficient evidence to adjudicate the claim. If the district office finds there is insufficient evidence to adjudicate your claim, they will send you a letter advising of additional information needed to proceed with your claim.

If you’re no longer employed by the Federal government, you should submit your forms to the Federal agency where you last worked when the injury or disease originated. In the event the Federal agency you previously worked for no longer exists, contact your OWCP district office for assistance in filing your claim with the correct Federal agency.

For more information on how to file your OWCP Workers’ Compensation claim, see the US Department of Labor website.

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